What some lovely people have to say…

“Leila has been my Heal Your Life personal facilitator on the 10 week course and is an amazing person and facilitator. Leila has the ability to ‘listen’ to you intently and picks up cues that result in an even more insightful revelation and cause of emotions. Leila is very professional, is passionate about her role and wants to help others become whole beautiful beings. I am honoured to have travelled this road with Leila and have had several breakthroughs along the way. I have been able to make difficult decisions with ease and in the knowledge that I am safe and all is well. Leila’s treatments are so pertinent and she lifts one to greater heights through her sheer belief in you. Leila is so good at getting my thoughts flowing so that I can dream bigger than ever before, a dream maker for sure.
Thank you Leila for your love, honesty, perseverance and professionalism,
You are an amazing facilitator and human Being.” — Jean, Cape Town

“The greatest turning point in my life was when I began the 10 week Heal Your Life course with Leila. I learnt to live my life based on my strength from within and she gave me the tools I needed to filter life as it happened. As a result, I have begun to live the life that I always wanted to. Dreams that I thought were totally impossible for me have come true as a direct result of the shift in consciousness that Leila taught me in her coaching sessions. People are now attracted to me because I have an inner happiness that they want too. I am now that awesome person I always wanted to be that I thought would be forever trapped inside. Leila’s life coaching completely and radically changed my life outcome, and I am forever grateful.” — Wendy, Durban

“My life has changed so much since working with you last year – the self healing, self love and affirmations, I never stop sharing your message. It lives within me now, and I apply it to my life. My seizures are a thing of the past. I haven’t had one since last year, and also, when I speak about them, I say that I USED to get seizures. Leaving no possibility for a comeback. I even wrote a letter, TO MY SEIZURES and I thanked them for the journey and discovery that they have brought across to me. Without them, I would never have been introduced to YOU and the work regarding self-healing, Louise Hay, etc. Your coaching really has done wonders to me, and to others as well, as I always share your message. So, THANK YOU! For sharing all that you have, with me, and everyone else that you help.” — Casey, Cape Town

“Leila and Debbie I learned so much about myself and I can feel positive changes already. You girls are so gentle and kind, for that I also thank you.
To my other friends I would like to tell you how supportive you all were to me and how much it means to me that you shared parts of your life with me, and also listened to me share parts of my life with you. Thank you for the love, compassion and wonderful energy. I had an amazing weekend thanks to all of you.” — Tracey, Cape Town

“Leila and Debbie – You were wonderful facilitators and have certainly assisted me in my journey. I’ve still got a long way to go but am already finding different ways of seeing ‘old things’.” — Susan, Cape Town

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