Skype Sessions

I offer a 10-week Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® transformational course based on the best-selling book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, by Louise Hay. Sessions are in person or via Skype to anyone, anywhere in the world.

This course is about YOU — helping you to recognize what is holding you back, identifying where you want to be in the future, and offering you practical tools that will allow you to learn to change your thoughts, love and accept yourself, reach your full potential, and start living your best life!

During the course we will explore different areas. Particular attention will be given to self-love, self-worth and abundance, health and the mind-body connection, relationships, and purpose. The course will be focused on positive change, personal growth and development.

Overview of Course:
Heal Your Life? Heal Your Life philosophy
? The power of affirmations
? Changing thoughts
? Identifying and releasing old limiting beliefs
? Inner child work
? Meditation & visualization
? Mind-body connection & health
? Emotional intelligence
? Forgiveness
? Relationships, Work & Success
? Self-love and self-acceptance
? Abundance and self-worth
? The power of the present moment
? Life purpose

We are meant to live a life filled with love, laughter, prosperity and radiant health. This course will help you bring about changes to achieve this in your life. Utilize your creative power to achieve a new level of personal growth and self healing!

Individual Sessions: 60 minutes
Investment: R2500 (200 USD) for 10 sessions payable upfront via EFT or Paypal.
First 30 minute get-to-know-each-other session is free!

I would LOVE to be of service to YOU!