The Mind-Body Connection: Part 5 – Allergies

Hay FeverIt is the beginning of spring in South Africa and this can mean the beginning of hay fever for some people. Although hay fever can be seasonal, many other allergies affect people year round. When it comes to metaphysical causes, allergies are very interesting to look at. As Louise Hay says, “Who or what are you allergic to?” And more often than not, it is not the physical or environmental substances you think that it is. A physical issue can be our body’s way of communicating to us that something in our inner world needs healing. In this article, we’re going to have a look at some of the underlying metaphysical (non-physical) factors that may be contributing towards allergies and hay fever. Not all will relate to everyone, but you may just find the clue you need to heal yourself. Remember, our body is always reminding us to love ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally!

Allergies can be an indication of feeling annoyed, aggravated by or intolerant of other people. Blaming others or events for your situation. Very critical of yourself or others. Difficulty in adapting to a person or situation. Obsessing about people who have hurt you. Allowing yourself to be controlled or manipulated by others. Giving away your power. Not knowing how to create boundaries. Easily intimidated. Over-sensitive. You may have experienced considerable stress in childhood. Often, those with allergies had two parents that held opposing views in a number of areas, which caused conflict in the child.

Food allergies can signify feeling irritated by what is happening around you. Extreme sensitivity to other people’s behaviours and beliefs about you. Feeling frustrated. Resisting life. Too focused on what you like and don’t like. Not allowing the full expression of who you are. If you are allergic to a certain food, is it possible that you have difficulty allowing yourself to savour the pleasure that comes from the good things in life? If you are allergic to dust or to an animal, is it possible that you feel easily attacked by others?

Louise Hay’s affirmation/new thought pattern:
The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.

Hay Fever
Hay fever could indicate a suppression of feelings. Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. Frustration, anger, guilt. Stuckness. A belief in persecution. Bitterness towards someone who you hold responsible for your suffering. Feeling like you can’t do what you want to do. Who or what is irritating or infuriating you? It might be time to go through the process of true forgiveness.

Lise Bourbeau says that hay fever indicates the reawakening of an old wound that occurred during the season when the hay fever first began. A difficult experience. The release of the pollen every spring triggers the subconscious memory of the event and reopens the emotional would.

Louise Hay’s affirmation/new thought pattern:
I am one with ALL of life. I am safe at all times.

An allergy can also begin with a traumatic experience (can be something you are not even aware of) that causes a subconscious fear of a particular substance or condition. Read this fascinating article about some true stories of people who found the metaphysical causes of their allergies and the allergy then disappeared. It might give you some ideas for your investigation into your own allergies.

In the book, All is Well by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz they have this to say of allergies — People who have immune system-related problems such as allergies to food and the environment… often feel that they don’t fit in anywhere and tend to be loners… This alienation makes them feel that the world is against them.

Entelechy has an interesting theory on cat allergies and food intolerances — cats are associated with the mysterious feminine, and with creative and insightful (though passive) powers. People who are allergic to cats often have an issue with their own creativity, either having had it suppressed through inappropriate education at an early age, or through a general sensation of powerlessness in life. They will often resent the soft and feminine qualities in other people as well, and refuse to allow themselves to indulge in emotions. Healing from an allergy to cats requires us to actively engage with our creative and emotional/feminine sides, which takes a different form for each person. Food intolerances and allergies tend to not have this much of a specific ‘meaning’, but are related to our experiences of personal boundaries, our ability to ‘digest’ our experience, and how well we let go of situations or memories that are not feeding our higher potential. Read the rest of this intriguing post here.

In order to let go of allergies, you need to look at life with a different perspective. Be grateful, forgive, heal your past hurts, practice tolerance with yourself and others, let go of judgements, know that you are safe and life is FOR you and not against you, see the good everywhere. Reprogram your thoughts to be more positive towards yourself first, and then the world and the people around you.

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Leila Summers is an author, book coach and Heal your Life® Teacher who assists others in their personal growth, and in learning to love themselves and live their best life. She has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and a knack for joining the dots to discover root issues that contribute to dis-ease. She offers workshops as well as one-on-one sessions via Skype. Visit her website at

6 thoughts on “The Mind-Body Connection: Part 5 – Allergies

  1. Debisha

    My child is 9 months old and has an allergy of cows milk, peanuts, pollen . Please explain how I could help him heal and what would be the cause in the case of an infant

    1. Leila Summers Post author

      It can be hard to understand disease in the case of young children and infants. It is possible that it could be something we come into this world with, for whatever reason. It is also worth looking at things like the emotions or physical situations surrounding a birth – was there a lot of stress? Perhaps a traumatic birth? Did he have any difficulty adapting to this world? Is he an over-sensitive child? These things can all contribute. I would talk to him constantly with affirmations such as: You are safe. The world is a safe and friendly place and you are going to love it here. You are loved and wanted. Everything is going to be okay! Just keep on with that and the more he feels truly safe, the better the chance of healing with whatever works for him in particular. Often childhood allergies are something that one grows out of, especially if a different mindset can be achieved.

  2. sally dumont

    Oh my word! I was googling allergies as I am seriously suffering at the moment….I read this whole article before I realized it was you!

  3. Inesa

    Hello, I very thankful for this post, it is indeed helpful and gives hope. I was looking for the ways to help my toddler to become allergy free. Thank you for giving tools! I will try to find the cause and gonna come back some day to share what worked for us ?


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