The Mind-Body Connection: Part 4 – Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian CystsAny dis-ease indicates a possible need to alter our subconscious limiting thought patterns and beliefs. If we know how to decode our body’s messages, then facilitating our own healing becomes easier. This is a valuable tool to use in conjunction with natural or conventional healing. It is important to note that having a physical dis-ease does not mean that there is something wrong with us. It simply means that on some level, the limiting thought patterns and beliefs from our past may be inhibiting us from living a full, happy and healthy life now.

Let’s look at some of the underlying metaphysical (non-physical) factors that may be contributing towards ovarian cysts, as well as the new thought patterns (affirmations) to use for reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Ovarian Cysts
The ovaries represent points of creation and creativity. Issues with the ovaries may symbolise an inability to express or accept your own areas of creativity. Cysts can represent unfulfilled dreams, regrets, nursing hurts or running an old painful ‘movie’ of your life. Holding onto disappointments and failures from the past. Ovarian cysts may represent holding on to old hurts, especially from men and pain from previous mental, emotional or physical abuse. Feelings of not feeling good enough. Low self-esteem, and feelings of neglect or victimhood. Fear of being hurt and taken advantage of. Feeling lonely and unloved. Not trusting your intuition. Invalidating yourself. You may have a propensity to worry about everyone and everything. Possible rejection of your feminine nature. Perhaps carrying a belief that to be feminine is to be weak. Or not allowing yourself to enjoy your sensuality and womanhood. Become aware of your own needs and desires. What wonderful things do you deserve to have in your life? Look after and give to yourself. Love yourself fully.

Louise Hay’s affirmation/new thought pattern:
I am balanced in my creative flow. The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so. I love me.

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Leila Summers is an author, book coach and Heal your Life® Teacher who assists others in their personal growth, and in learning to love themselves and live their best life. She has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and a knack for joining the dots to discover root issues that contribute to dis-ease. She offers workshops as well as one-on-one sessions via Skype. Visit her website at

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2 thoughts on “The Mind-Body Connection: Part 4 – Ovarian Cysts

  1. Nina

    I wanted to express that reading this has really spoken to me. I have recently been diagnosed with functional ovarian cysts and the moment the results came through I knew it was down to my lack of self love, nurture, expressing my creativity, lots of self pressure and also how this affected my partnership. These words resonate with me because I knew it instinctively but couldn’t find the expression. I will be taking a massive change in my live next year where I give back to myself, I listen to my needs and I follow my heart and nurture the feminine once again. I hope this will help heal my ovaries and release the pain. Thank you. If you have any more thoughts on ovary cysts and how to set my mantra, I welcome them!


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