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Developing New Thought Patterns to Help our Bodies Heal

Heal Your BodyIn my previous article, I discussed how our thoughts directly affect our health. Let us now take a look at limiting beliefs, the body’s messages, and how we can change our thought patterns in order to assist our bodies to heal and maintain optimum health.

The limiting beliefs that we hold are only learned thought patterns and thoughts can be changed. When we have heard, observed or experienced something several times, our subconscious mind takes in the information and draws generalizations and conclusions. Even if these beliefs are false, they become our ‘truth’ and can negatively affect our health and severely limit us in living our best lives. Continue reading

How our Thought Patterns Directly Affect our Health

Mind-Body ConnectionMany of us believe that ill health is something that happens to us and we seldom have a choice in the matter. On the other hand, bestselling author Louise Hay, claims that we are each responsible for all of our experiences, including our so-called illnesses, through our own thought patterns. This might sound far fetched, but neuroscience is now backing this up with a growing amount of research showing that when we consciously change our thoughts, we rewire the brain and establish new patterns. Neuroplasticity is, quite simply, the ability to alter (positively and negatively) the neural networks in our brains. One of the world’s most respected neuroscientists, Dr Richie Davidson, says that they have now discovered that even our genes are not fixed and can be influenced by our mental environment! Continue reading

A Journey to Self-Love

A Journey to Self-LoveImagine for a moment that you are a magnificent, gorgeous human being, worthy of being appreciated, cherished and loved unconditionally. Imagine waking in the morning and greeting yourself with the words, “Good morning Beautiful! I am so excited to spend this day with you!” Then you go about your day with a skip in your step and a smile on your face because you are in love. Yes, you are in love with yourself. Young children do this naturally until they repeatedly receive subtle negative messages that they are either, not good enough, or do not deserve to be happy and loved. Along the way, we subconsciously accept these negative ideas about ourselves and move from loving ourselves wholeheartedly, to criticizing and judging ourselves on a regular basis.

Continue reading